Film Review by Jordan Nitsch: “A Grain of White Rice in the Endless Yellow Sun”

*spoilers ahead*

In order to get a point across, sometimes the message has to be blunt. Jeff Fong’s mockumentary is just that, but with a compelling twist and very effective framework. A Grain of White Rice in the Endless Yellow Sun calls for better representation in order to prove how equally capable Asian Americans are in cinema. How does it approach this message in a different light?

By reversing the roles of Asian Americans and Caucasian Americans.

This film flips the narrative to allow its audience to greater identify with the message and see first hand how great of an issue this is and shows the audience just what they’re missing out on. This mockumentary includes archival styled footage of Asian Americans recreating scenes from different moments in film history. And these actors knock it out of the park. This short film, while told in a parallel setting to our modern world, is still incredibly straightforward and blunt with its message. It continues to hit its message home with direct fourth wall breaks, excellent Asian American performances, witty dialogue, and a lot of heart.

The approach to this incredibly important moral is unique and compelling, reaching a wider audience and displaying an incredible array of talent. You’ll be enthralled with its charm straight up to the final scene. This short film is not one to miss.

This film will be played during the Ithaca Pan Asian-American Film Festival on Saturday, April 22. 

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