Get Involved!

Have you signed up to volunteer for IPAAFF yet? We couldn’t make this festival a reality without the help of volunteers! We really appreciate all your help. Stay tuned for more information on  how to get involved and sign-ups!

 Thank you for joining us during our exciting festival from April 20-22! We look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

3 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. Hello! I just signed up to help but the radio buttons about the volunteer availability are not working 100%. the system will not accept your offer unless you fill in something on every row. I have class every day at 3 pm. so the first slot is not realistic for me. Also, per row, it only lets you choose one day per slot. I cannot choose the 4-6 slot thursday and friday for example. Can you please look into this? thank you, Margaret


  2. Hi, I signed up to volunteer on Tuesday at 4-8pm, I was wondering if I should add myself onto the schedule or if the people coordinating this event will add me on according to how they see fit. I was also wondering if I get an email indicating what type of work I will be doing.

    Thank you


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