Film Review by Angela Poffenbaugh: “The FBI Blew Up My Ice Skates”

*spoilers ahead*

One of our selected films, The FBI Blew Up My Ice Skates, is a sweet animated film. A little girl sits inside her house on a couch, dreaming of ice skating and is practically swooning at the idea. She sits patiently, waiting for a package that contains the one thing she dreams of: ice skates. Sounds like a cute, simple short film right? Wrong, actually.

While this film comes off as innocent, it actually contains a strong background linking to the Iran Hostage Crisis back in 1980. This was when Western perspectives of Middle Easterners shifted exponentially, causing stereotypes, racism, and many of the issues that lead up to events today.

From this change in perspective, the FBI began to put Middle Eastern families under heavier surveillance. This film is based off of a true story that happened during the Iran Hostage Crisis and is much more than it first seems to the eye.

Directors Sara Zia Ebrahimi and Lindsey Martin put a comedic twist on this story through the adoring eyes of this little girl waiting for her ice skates. Although the film seems to progress innocently, there is a much deeper meaning behind it that audiences need to witness for themselves.

This film will be played during the Ithaca Pan Asian-American Film Festival on Friday, April 21. 

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