New experiences through IPAAFF by Nikkole Mora

IPAAFF has been a very interesting course. I have fallen in love with IPAAFF as well as the Academic Panels and Outreach Committee. Although this year’s IPAAFF has not yet taken place, I am very excited for next year. I feel like IPAAFF can be expanded and could be more developed if it was started earlier in the year. For example, if we had contacted the performers in the fall semester, we would have them locked in and their events wouldn’t clash with ours.

A benefit of this is that we could both promote each other, and bring in a bigger audience. There’s so much we can do to promote IPAAFF and make it a highly-attended event. I’ve enjoyed working in my committee so much. I love meeting new people, especially from other schools. I hope to expand our contact not only to Cornell but to schools surrounding us. I also love coming up with ideas and panels. It’s just so much fun because what we’re teaching and coming up with is so important to me and it’s so interesting to learn about.

IPAAFF has increased my interest in pursuing a CMD minor, because it allows me to experience event planning, which is what CMD partly covers. IPAAFF is really a blessing to me, and I am so happy I got to take part this year. It allowed me to experience a field that I was questioning, combined two of my passionate interests, and it allowed me to have fun and meet new people. Although there was a lot of hard work, it never stressed me out. I enjoyed it and that’s why IPAAFF is so special to me. I am very happy I got to work with people like Professor Nguyen and Sara Kim, who will be leaving this year, because they both taught me so much and introduced me to new concepts and people that are beneficial in the long-run. Being able to take part in IPAAFF was the best decision I have ever made, and I can’t wait to continue for the next three years. I will treat IPAAFF as if it were my own child because that’s how special it is to me. I want to see it grow and mature into an amazing event for everyone to enjoy.

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