How do we plan IPAAFF? by Kris DiNardi

There is less than one month to go until the start of the Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival.

Here’s how we put on IPAAFF every year.

IPAAFF is comprised of students and faculty at Ithaca College. It is a course offered through the Center for Culture, Race and Ethnicity called “IC Pan Asian American Film Festival in Action: The Making of a Film Festival.”

IPAAFF is split into three committees: Film Selection and Documentary, Marketing and Finance, and Community Outreach and Academic Panel.

The film selection and documentary committee watches all of the films submitted and works on some of the programming. The community outreach committee works on creating events and reaching out to the community. The marketing and finance committee covers IPAAFF’s social media and promotion along with the finances.

Each committee meets once per week to discuss its responsibilities and to make decisions about how to move forward. Every week, each committee creates a report and presents to the other committees.

The workload of each committee depends on the time of the semester. The film selection committee must review all the films once the submission date is closed, while the marketing and finance committee have the majority of their work in the fourth block.

The very nature of IPAAFF promotes collaboration and we are all dedicated to put on the best festival as possible. But IPAAFF’s success not only relies on us, but on you — yeah you!

Anyone can get involved with IPAAFF by volunteering. Most importantly, you can be involved by coming to our events, April 20th – 22nd.

Get ready for IPAAFF!

We hope to see you real soon!

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