A typical week with the film committee by Jordan Nitsch

Monday hits and at two o’clock, the film selection committee gathers. The meeting starts off as Anna, in charge of the selection, lists off assignments from the previous week. The committee members responsible for each film gives it their rating and provides a short explanation to their reasoning. The approved films are categorized so other members can rate them. Films that are ‘maybe’s are sent out in a list to other festival organizers to review  while the higher ranked films are judged by the selection. Other housekeeping items are discussed and reviewed by the committee. Each member may give a report on his/her assignments for the week. The head of documentation, Danielle, may review her progress, or Abi, the head of filmmaker communications may be briefed on her upcoming duties. By the end of the meeting, new film assignments are assigned by email.

Wednesday hits and the festival organizers all meet. Depending on the week, a professor might visit to discuss film analysis or Asian American cultural history or a committee heads might run the meeting updating the entire group on its overall progress. The later involves cross-committee input and cooperation on issues that affect more than one group. Sometimes a single committee will run a group meeting. The film selection committee, for example, will lead a discussion on films the committee itself has been unsure of, leaving it open for debate and opinions from the entire assembly. This input is recorded and taken into consideration for each film and where it will be placed. Discussion is open about the nature and message of each film and the film committee takes it all into account.

For the remainder of the week, the film committee members watch their assigned films. And look over the films approved by other committee members. An analysis form is submitted for each new film reviewing the technical aspects, story structure, message, and impact. Members prepare their notes and reviews for the next week to start all over again on Monday at two o’clock.

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