An inside look into my committee by Taylor Walker

My main task for IPAAFF as a member of the community outreach and academic panel committee is to help organize the scheduling of the film screenings, academic panels, gala, and other events occurring during the film festival. The committee is also responsible for arranging all of the special guests and alternative activities apart from film screenings such as academic panels, spoken word, and forum theatre, amongst other creative, yet entertaining events.

Although the community outreach and academic panel committee was not my first choice, I have been enjoying my ability to utilize my event planning skills to enhance IPAAFF. Being a part of the this committee provides me with insight of the construction of film festivals. As an aspiring filmmaker, my experience with the committee has provided me with a broader perspective of film festivals.

Of course, being a part of the committee, a variety of ideas have been suggested, such as having a stop-motion workshop or breakdancing show. The ingenuity of the ideas shared amongst the committee provides flexibility and options. Although all of the ideas shared are great and innovative, one of my favorite ideas being implemented so far is through the closing gala. This year, the closing gala is expected to be extravagant. Apart from the gala being a cocktail attire event, it will also have art, fashion, and music to accompany it. We are dedicating a significant amount of time to the preparation of that event. Of course all of the events will be awesome, but I must say the closing gala will be an event to look forward to!

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