A growing love for IPAAFF by Nikkole Mora

IPAAFF has been an amazing experience. At first, I thought I would be upset that I am not on the film committee, but I am enjoying my time as a member of the academic panel and outreach committee. I am already planning to return next year.

I’ve learned so much from working on this committee and have had wonderful experiences. Through the academic panel and outreach committee, I make contacts not only within student organizations on campus, but I also get to meet advisors over at Cornell. I’ve learned about so many different organizations that I never knew existed, and I am so excited to collaborate with them. The Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival has allowed me to express my creativity, and although there is not much time this year for all my ideas, I hope to carry them over to the next IPAAFF. Being on this committee has allowed me to fall in love with IPAAFF, and I look forward to working on it every year and making it better than the last.

I want to create a space where we can talk about topics affecting the Asian/Asian American communities. Specifically, I want to introduce different Asian cultures through various fun activities for everyone. I may be overly ambitious, but I have a lot of dreams for IPAAFF and I hope for them to come true within the following years. I would like to see IPAAFF grow into a huge event because I am passionate about it. I want IPAAFF to be successful and continue to grow for a long time. I would like everyone to fall in love with it in the near future.

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