Who We Are

Changhee Chun, Associate Professor of Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

Leader: Film Selection and Documentary Committee
email: cchun@ithaca.edu

Christine Kitano, Assistant Professor of Writing and English

Leader: Finance and Marketing Committee
email: ckitano@ithaca.edu

Phuong Nguyen, Assistant Professor of the Center for the Study of Culture, Race and Ethnicity

Leader: Community Outreach and Academic Panel Committee
email: pnguyen@ithaca.edu

Meet The Team:
Monica Chen, Writing

Garrett Chin, Communication Management & Design

Kris DiNardi, Writing for Film, Television, & Emerging Media

Anna Gardner, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts

Carolyn Hamaker, Integrated Marketing Communications

Sara Kim, Journalism

Louis Medel, Integrated Marketing Communications

Abigail Mejia, Cinema & Photography

Nikkole Mora, Cinema and Photography

Jordan Nitsch, Cinema & Photography

Danielle-Joelle Olivier, Writing for Film, Television & Emerging Media

Angela Poffenbaugh, Journalism

Taylor Walker, Cinema and Photography

Film Selection and Documentary Committee:
Anna Gardner
Abigail Mejia
Jordan Nitsch
Danielle-Joelle Olivier

Finance and Marketing Committee:
Monica Chen
Kris DiNardi
Carolyn Hamaker
Louis Medel

Community Outreach and Academic Panel Committee:
Garrett Chin
Sara Kim
Nikkole Mora
Angela Poffenbaugh
Taylor Walker

Sara Kim

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