jaeL is a Brooklyn born and raised independent rapper whose purpose is to serve as living evidence that a career in the arts is
in fact possible and viable for AAPIs. His latest project “#FML”
presents a narrative about a 2nd generation American’s struggle to balance the expectations of immigrant parents while having dreams and life goals of their own that may differ from what their parents intended. It is a story of self-doubt, inspiration and eventually courage and commitment. He has been featured at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, at Ecaasu’s Holiday concert and was also the opening act for JR Aquino at Ithaca College.

Facebook:@ justaneverydaylife

Instagram: @justaneverydaylife

Twitter: @jaeLife

Youtube: jaeLmusic

Ground Up Crew
Ground Up Crew is the only Hip Hop dance crew at Ithaca College. A collection of dope b-boys and b-girls, Ground Up Crew is known to cypher, battle, and perform, as well as teach the Ithaca community about the culture of Hip Hop and keep the tradition of breakin (breakdancing) alive.  

HanChum is Cornell University’s only
Korean traditional dance
team, e
stablished in spring 2013.



K-S(E)OUL is a kpop dance club performance group of Ithaca High School students. They will be performing a dance cover of the song “Whistle” as well as the song “Playing With Fire” by a K-pop group called BlackPink!

Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero is Cornell Unviersity’s only club dedicated to the art of b-boying (breakdance). Founded in 1999 out of a common interest for hip hop culture, feeling the beat, and making people go crazy and shout nonsense words, the club has continued to promote an interest in b-boying across the Cornell campus and in the greater Ithaca community.

Asian American Counter Spaces Class Spoken Word
The course, “Asian American Counter Spaces,” is the liberal arts component to the Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival.
Throughout this semester, the class emphasizes the history of Asian American self-representation and resistance to oppression here and abroad through independent films, literature, oral history, and political organizations. The main project consists of a creating a spoken word presentation for the Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival.

Zakiya Williams Wells
From Long Island, New York, Zakiya Williams Wells is a senior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. Zakiya spends much of her time organizing undergraduate students on Cornell’s Ithaca campus around issues like student debt, racism, worker rights, immigrant rights, and environmental protections. Zakiya is interested in exploring the intersection of labor and employment law, immigration law, and anthropological and political theory.

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