Film Review by Katelyn Monaco: “Blue – Tales from Suburbia”

Blue – Tales from Suburbia documents the disappearance of a local teen and how it affects an Asian American family from the suburbs. Vivian Lau, the filmmaker, is studying Cinematography and Film Production at Emerson College and has won numerous awards for her work internationally. She states: “It is my goal to bring stories to life that impact the community. My reward system comes from seeing a story and a collective vision into fruition.” Although this film is short, it poignantly displays the emotional toll that the disappearance has on Blue, the young protagonist. There is a beautiful and haunting symmetry in the way it starts and ends. In the beginning Lau showcases the domestic life of the family and by the end as the family is still going through the motions there is an undeniable change. Blue’s innocence and optimism is never going to return, yet the viewer is left with a deep hope that she will survive and recover from this trauma. The cinematography is crisp and moving, the soundtrack fitting, and I assure you that this film will leave you with goosebumps.

Blue – Tales from Suburbia will be showing at around 4:30 on Saturday October 13th at Cinemapolis.

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