Film Review by Taylor Walker: “Ended April 30, 1975”

*spoilers ahead*

Alluding to the Vietnam War, Ended April 30, 1975 explores the aftermath and trauma of the average citizen who has survived war. Many films dealing with the impact of war tend to focus on soldiers, but seldom focus on those who did not fight, but still felt the ramifications.

Ended April 30, 1975 illustrates the difficulty of transitioning not only from wartime to a time not clouded by war, but also relocation due to war. The older woman in Ended April 30, 1975 struggles with adjusting to her new home while dealing with the connection she has with her hometown. The struggle of adjustment is explored through symbolism, sound design, and cinematography. Though a short film, Ended April 30, 1975 has a great impact due to the creative means used to showcase the impact of war on the average citizen.

This film will be played during the Ithaca Pan Asian-American Film Festival on Friday, April 21.

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