Most Memorable Occurrences at This Year’s IPAAFF by Candice Tan

1. Walking out of class to find endless notifications from Professor Nguyen regarding schedule updates. YES, the whole film festival crew had a group chat going 24/7.

2. Sitting on the floor and watching Sam (Film Selection Committee) zoom in on Jade’s awkward facial expressions to use as footage for our short behind-the-scenes documentary.

3. Texting and emailing Monica (Marketing Committee) back and forth all weekend in order to get the bibliographies and headshots from performers and students involved in this year’s film festival into the brochure. At 12 am on a Sunday, I finally got hold of one last bibliography and sent it to her at MIDNIGHT. Even though it was already sent to Professor Nguyen to print, she reformatted the brochure and made the changes. I really owe it to her.

4. Laughing at Jimmy because he is Jimmy. Jimmy (Marketing Committee) was sitting in class and I can tell he was nervous. Jade (Marketing Committee) and I found out he had an RA interview coming up. That day, he wasn’t dressed in an oversized sweater and khakis. He was actually sporting a button up with slacks. He noticed on his phone that he had a missed call and Jade pushed him to call the number in case it was regarding his interview. We all watched him call the number, nervous and excited for him at the same time. Next thing we know, Jade’s phone started ringing. Turns out that Jade had called Jimmy before class to ask him some questions regarding posters, but he didn’t pick up. Turns out, he never saved Jade’s number. Every time I think of that day, I still chuckle to myself.

5. Ordering $90 worth of Thai Food for our IPAAFF work session. I was supposed to pick up the food and get the receipt so Taehoon (Film Selection Committee) can get his reimbursement. When I went to pick up the food, I was too excited about finally receiving the food that I just walked off without the receipt.

6. Realizing Professor Kitano’s love for fruity snacks at our second work session.

7. Having to meet Lucy (Outreach Committee) and Chad every Tuesday at 12 pm in the Student Activities Center to talk about updates we had. We always went off on tangents. I was always talking while chewing my food because at 12 pm my stomach understands that it is lunch time.

8. Meeting Jessica on the first day of IPAAFF. Jade and I just kept asking her questions because we had to present about each other. My memory is telling me she said she’s from New Jersey and she has a little brother and her favorite color is blue. I may or may not be right.

9. Being kicked out of our second work session at 5 pm because Professor Rappa’s room reservation ended who knows how many hours ago. Time flies when you’re eating pizza from Casablanca.

10. Watching Sara (Webmaster) dedicate her time to coming to every single class. She was a member of the original film festival committee. She was part of the group who made changes, provided a voice to other incoming students, taught others to be innovative creators, and made the impossible possible.

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