Continuing the Tradition by Jade Cardichon

The Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival is more than a film festival; it is becoming part of a historical tradition that brings the Ithaca community together. This is the second year Ithaca College will put on IPAAFF, and that is groundbreaking.

I am excited to dedicate my time and effort in order to watch the work we have before us mold together and create an experience of a lifetime. Driven by students, faculty members, and Asian American culture, the film festival aims to present challenging films that educate, inform, and offer other perspectives that engage audience members. IPAAFF is an opportunity to get involved and bring something to the Ithaca community, which feature workshops, social events, and performances.

As a Cinema and Photography major, it is important to understand the cinematic narrative and how the objective of filmmakers differ in each genre. I understand that many Asian Americans do not have a major lead role on the face of the Hollywood big screen. The mainstream media is corrupted and controlled by those who are focused on reinforcing their dominant ideologies that marginalize and simplify our experiences. However, IPAAFF is what gives me an opportunity to delve into Asian American film and shed light onto these issues while offering a space where we can set aside these notions of profitability and focus on stories not only in the classroom but outside as well.

This festival opens up the dialogue and interactions between the various schools on campus. The aim is to challenge students and faculty members to go above and beyond the film festival last year by accepting previous criticism and improving our efforts for this year. We as students are the future, and so, taking on the role of the film festival will give us the power to share this experience with others.

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