Reflecting on the IPAAFF Film Selections by Brenna Williams

Ithaca Pan Asian American Festival shares a variety of films that are related to Asian American culture and people in some way either from the themes of the films or by its director. We have gotten forty-two submissions of features and shorts of all genres, all watched and reviewed by the Film Selection committee, a committee I am proud to be part of. All of the submissions had something different to say, commenting on Asian American identity and stereotypes. Some were serious, while others made me laugh and all of them made me think critically about my own Asian American identity.

I am proud to be Asian American. I was adopted so I don’t have a deep connection with my birth country and by being part of this festival, I have learned a lot of Asian American culture through the analysis of media, where in some Hollywood films, Asians are projected stereotypically, while the films selected for this festival confront those stereotypes. I hope with this festival, it allows for the community to think about how they interpret Asian Americans, creating discussion about the films. This festival will be a success this year, and it will hopefully become an annual event that people will flock to Ithaca for, something I can look to forward to each year I spend at Ithaca College, knowing that Asian Americans are being represented.

One thought on “Reflecting on the IPAAFF Film Selections by Brenna Williams

  1. This is a wonderfully written piece, Brenna. And perhaps with more publicity next year, the Asian American Film Festival will become a much bigger event.
    I enjoyed reading about how the cranes came to be.


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